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The essential oil bottle you purchased is not only a mere pleasant aroma. That's just a bonus. The core benefits lies in its therapeutic qualities and capabilities. Our essential oils are unadulterated and are 100% pure plant essences. They can be used in the below 2 methods,

1. Through Inhalation - This is by adding the oil drops into a diffuser and inhaling the fume which it emits. Oils could also be directly inhaled from the bottle.

2. Though Topical Application - This is by adding on the skin. Always make sure you mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil. This is because the oils are potent and if used directly it could caused skin reactions for some.


Now We Source Our Oils Around The World!

Essential oils are earth gift given to you in a bottle. In a market full of adulterated essential oils we treat Quality as our biggest priority and we source our oils around the world. We now bring our Lavender from Bulgaria, Frankincense from Somalia, and Peppermint from India and many more! 

This is to ensure that you receive the best essential oils in the world.




We Work With A Certified Aromatherapist


We also work with a certified aromatherapist who has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She tests all our oils before we sell them to you 

We are excited what the future has in store for you with our growing essential oil range. Helping you shift from synthetic fragrances and chemicals to pure plant essences. Giving you the power to take accountability on your own well-being. We think it's important 



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