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If you are health conscious and have the mosquito problem in your home. You could be tacking one of many of the below concerns:

-I'm burning coils but I know whether it's good for my health.

-I'm using matts, but I don't like the fact that I'm breathing its fumes for more than 7 hours while asleep.

With the research we conducted, YES mosquito coils can cause serious health concerns. (you can find reference at the bottom of this article)

According to the "The Hindu", it say that "Burning one mosquito coil in a closed room amounts to smoking 100 cigarettes"


The best solution we recommend is using an aroma diffuser with a mosquito repelling 100% pure essential oils. Ideal an oil like Citronella or Cinnamon Leaf.


Make sure the diffuser is high quality and provides you a warranty of at least 1 year. There are many cheap diffuser which do not provide the performance we expect. The diffuser should be able to break the water and oil particle into extremely small parts in order to properly disperse it inside the room.

Make sure to use 100% natural and pure Citronella or Cinnamon Leaf oil. We at Cliara, only source our oils from farmers who own their own distilleries. This means we never buy from intermediaries. 

Using synthetic/diluted oils is also not recommended for the diffuser and cause damages. Only use 100% pure oils.

Even though 100% pure oils may come at a higher price, since they are extremely concentrated, a few drops goes a long way.

What we've understood is that a 10ml bottle contains approximately 200 drops. All you need is 5 drops each night which will last for 7 hours in our aroma diffuser (in which we provide a 1 year warranty).

This means an investment on a 10ml oil bottle will last for more than one month.

It's important that you gradually shift to nature based solutions to much as possible. This reduces your chances of inhaling/absorbing any toxic chemicals, promoting a healthier life.

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