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What People Are Saying About Us

I am a working woman so I really want an aroma when I enter my house, it really relaxes me. Especially cinnamon; cinnamon is good for our health. Even me I really like the smell of cinnamon. I believe that locally sourced ingredients are the best with health benefits. Plus, we don’t really know what chemicals and all goes in artificial stuff. Sometimes when we go out somewhere for a couples of day and return, the house tends to smell bad but when we use something like this we get a good aroma instead. And since this is all natural I think this is a better option
- Chandani Perera -


Loved everything about the products.  Loved the really good quality, the smell of it and specially the new bottle that can get things out easily and without a mess. It's totally worth the price and your customer service was also super-good, fast replying and friendly. I have used your products for about something around a year or more now. I also have a burner in my room cause I just love the smell of oils like cinnamon and lavender and one bottle of oil goes a long way..😄 Love what you guys have done recently by adding new oils 👍❤ and looking forward to buy the new diffuser also for the living area. Good luck with everything and keep developing xoxox 😊
-Poornima J -

I have been using Cliara Essential Oils since last year. I first started using the Cinnamon Aroma Spray & I absolutely love the fragrance. Secondly I started using the Citronella Aroma Spray, it is true it keeps away mosquitoes.These two products are handy in size which even could fit inside the handbag. I will continue buying them whenever I need them. I would recommend it to anyone. Love them.
-Aletta F-

Electric diffuser would last up to 8 hours, so most of the day it’s in use and the fragrance is always there. I have been using the citronella oil to get rid of mosquitoes and cinnamon oil purely for the fragrance. I have one diffuser in the bed room and one in the living room. I have placed repeat orders for my friends and family; everybody is very satisfied with the diffuser. I think you are on to an excellent product with your diffuser and your aromatherapy oils
-Brian De Silva-