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Essential Oils For Better Skin & Hair

The most expensive skin preparations in the world contain plant extracts in one form or another - essential oils, plant stem cells, plant oils, and other plant components - as their principal active ingredients. But because the product will have to endure a long period of storage, transportation, and shelf life, they invariably contain preservatives. 

Below shows a simple yet effective method of making of your own skin and hair preparations under 5-minutes.

Concern Oils Needed Applications
Dry Skin Regime

-3 Drops - Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
-1 Drop - Rose Essential Oil
-30ml Sweet Almond Oil

Applied in gentle motion on the skin, morning & evening together with compress pat in the face.
For Oily Skin
Facial Oil For Oily Skin -3 Drops - Geranium Essential Oil
-2 Drops - Lemon Essential Oil
Normal Skin
Face Oil