We Provide Islandwide Delivery Inside Sri Lanka For Rs. 290 | Both Cash-On-Delivery And Card Payment Options Available

Essential Oil and Carrier Oil Subscriptions

Are you an essential oil wellness advocate? A subscription order delivered regularly is the most naturally fragrant-happy package you can receive to enhance your life. Whether you are using essential oils to destress and purify not only your mind but also space, to nourish your nails and hair or in your DIY body butter. Or is a person who creates a relaxing ambiance with the flicker of scented candles you bought or made. Check out the subscription benefits that we have launched to make essential oils more affordable to all and a hassle-free process to reach you.


Why did we launch subscription orders?

It is mainly to benefit our long time valued customers who need refill oils regularly. However, all who are interested can benefit from it and subscribe to the personalized orders needed.


Which products are available?

We are currently providing automatic deliveries only for essential and carrier oils. It will benefit people who need it regularly. Also, if you have a diffuser or a warmer at your home for the refills. There is a large variety of high-quality oils you can select.


Are there any savings?

We are providing a 15% savings on all subscription orders you have planned and curated to be delivered. 


When will I receive it?

You can customize your order on which oils you need and how often you need (Every 1,2 or 3 months) and we will deliver it to you.


When will I be billed for my subscription?

There are no upfront fees to subscribe to. An email notification will be sent when your order is on the way to you as usual. And you can choose your payment method. Cash on delivery is available. 


What can I do if something is missing?

If you have received a damaged or incomplete order, please contact us on +94 77 863 1091 for assistance.


How do I subscribe?

Please mail us to info@hmarktrading.com or call us and let us know the products you have customized based on your personal preferences. And we will do the rest for you to get it delivered at your doorstep in the regular months you need it.