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Bamboo Aroma Diffuser

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This diffuser has a natural wood finish. It helps you accommodate the diffuser into your existing interior theme at your home.

It holds 300ml of waters and is extremely quiet when operating, ideal for a living room or a bed room.

It is safer and cost effective compared to using aroma candles. The device does not emit any heat, making it ideal around children.

The oils should be purchased separately. Once the water is over, the diffuser automatically switches off.

We provide a 6 month warranty for this product.

  • Features
  • Directions

- Effective up to 300 square feet. Does not emit any heat and is very safe around children.
- There are many light color options you can select from depending on your mood
- Has two types of mist options which are the 'intermittent mist' and the continuos mist.
- The mist last upto 7 hours on the 'intermittent mist' option
- Has continuous and intermitted mist modes
- Uses power of only 12W
- Auto-shutoff when waterless

Material: PP and Plastic
Capacity of water: 100ML
Input power: AC 100-240V

- Remove the outer lids
- Add water below the max line
- Add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice
- Replace the lid
- Plug to device
- Press the on/off button to switch on
- Select your setting